Meet Our Team


Financial Manager for the store and ensures expedited delivery of all inventory. She keeps the team in check for day to day operations. She can also help you with general sales items within the store.


Master Salesman on the shop floor and Certified Smith and Wesson Armorer with over 22 years of experience within the industry. He is not limited to just S&W, but he can answer your questions on almost every platform. Trained with Milwaukee swat and is experienced with personal training. 


Sales Representitive and Trainer for Chambered. He served 10 years in the Marine Corps and a veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan. He is also certified NRA Instructor and certifed Glock Armorer. Any Concealed Carry instruction for the state of Wisconsin that happens within the shop is done by him. 


Kind hearted female 7 1/2 year old french bulldog that will wiggle her butt and walk you to the sales floor. Her half brother is Maximus. She loves when you rub her armpits or belly. She allergic to chicken, beef, and pork so if you feed her, please, lamb or duck.


Don't let him fool you, he is the real boss. He keeps everyone in line. He is a 7 year old male french bulldog that gets studded out for his looks. His half sister is Zoey. He loves to lay around in shop's sun and smell all the customers that pass during the day. If he snorts your doing something right.